Emotional closeness

How can we tell if someone likes us or cares about us?

I have been thinking about this recently. It is easy to trip off the tongue ‘I love you’ but what does that actually mean? How do we measure love? And how important is it to feel loved and cared for? If we don’t feel it what happens to us?

In my experience saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t really mean very much unless the actions match the words. So what does that mean for our children?

It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ but is the meaning getting through? Do our children actually feel loved? If you are unsure then start doing random acts of kindness to them. It’s important to have rules, consequences and boundaries. It’s necessary for children to know that their parents will keep them safe even when they are rebelling against those rules. However they will accept them much more readily if we intersperse the rules with occasional words of kindness. One parent described this well. She said ‘Make their hearts melt at least once a day’

Imagine what someone would need to do to make your heart melt and then do that for your children……

In doing so you will be building emotional closeness which will stay with your child as they grow to adulthood.


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