I’m not creative….

Creativity is very important to me. I like colour and beauty. I like creating something from nothing. I can’t draw people or paint scenes, but I enjoy making collages and colouring books.

I like putting ingredients together to make one whole thing. I don’t like cooking but I love writing. My ingredients are the words which I bring together and move around until I am happy with how it sounds. I like seeing how things grow and change.

I have created children, a home, a garden, relationships, a life. I consciously expand my vision to think creatively, to explore different options and new ideas.

Traditionally I have given my creativity away, I have admired it in others and not recognised it in myself. Now that I celebrate my creativity it grows and I am proud that it defines me.

When I hear others say ‘I’m not creative’ I say ‘you are, you just don’t know it yet’.

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