A Challenge…

Today I talked at a women’s group. They were all there because they had to be. We looked at how our memories can affect the way we are today.

I asked them if they felt they’d reached their full potential. All of them said No.

So I ask you, dear readers. Have you reached your full potential? What would it look like if you had and how would that be different from today?

I asked these women what messages they continually give themselves. Are they kind to themselves. Sadly they said No. When they look in the mirror they are critical about themselves. ‘My hair’s a mess, I’m too fat, nothing looks good on me, and so on. These are the messages they have been left with from their childhood.

I gave them a challenge. Each morning when they look in the mirror to say to themselves. ‘Wow I look gorgeous’. They laughed and thought I was mad.

But if we don’t say it to ourselves why is anyone else going to say it to us?

Go on give it a try and see if it makes a difference to your day.

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